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Residential complex “Akadem Park”

ЖК «Академ-Парк»

Akadem Park is ten brick monolithic buildings creating a single landscaped space, an isolated area, where every detail has been thought over taking into account the actual needs of the modern man.

The infrastructure of the residential complex distinguishes it from the surrounding neighborhoods. The residential complex «Akadem Park» combines harmonically excellent opportunities for a comfortable life, an interesting rest, a variety of entertainment.

The landscaped courtyard, modern children’s and sports grounds, a kindergarten, a picturesque landscape design, developed infrastructure of the district are just some of the competitive advantages of the complex. Large supply of parking spaces, its own operational service, dedicated high-speed Internet line complete the list of the advantages of the new object.

The transport accessibility of the RC «Akadem Park» is another important advantage of the complex. The location of residential buildings at the intersection of Butlerova and Vernosti Streets is good for both pedestrians and motorists. Thus, the nearest subway station «Akademicheskaya» is just a 10 minute walk away and the exit to the ring road will take less than 5 minutes.

A unique architectural concept of the RC «Akadem Park» is a combination of multifunctionality and aesthetics. Landscape design and pond divide perfectly the courtyard into the areas of active and calm rest, entertainment and leisure walks. Each of the ten houses will be different from the previous ones by an individually decorated facade combining brick bond and panoramic windows. Architectural highlighting of the complex territory, installation of small architectural forms, planting of decorative species of plant will create a unique atmosphere of holiday, comfort and well-being here.

Faithfulness to commitments. Construction of a residential complex is not only the construction of residential buildings and creating a convenient infrastructure for future residents of the quarter, but also the fulfillment of commitments to the city. In the case of the residential complex «Akadem Park», it is the reconstruction of the famous football school «SMENA». By the moment, substantial work has been carried out. Four football fields, one of them is heated, have been erected. The school trainees have trainings on the fields. Two stadium stands on which it is planned to hold the games of the «ZENIT» second team have been erected. An indoor arena has been built. The FC «Zenit» within the framework of the preparation of home games of the UEFA Cup has already held trainings on it. In the indoor arena apart from the trainings of the academy trainees, the tournaments of amateur teams are held. The construction of the economic unit has been completed.

At the moment we are working on the completion of the reconstruction of the building of the school. Total completion of the works is planned for the summer of 2013.

Thanks to this works, next to the residential complex a modern sports complex with superb infrastructure will be created.

The residential complex «Akadem Park» offers a whole variety of planning solutions that will allow each customer to choose the best variant. Apartments are put into service with rough and fine finishing.

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