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Residential estate Lights of the Gulf

ЖК «Огни Залива»

Residential estate «Lights of the Gulf» is situated in Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg, in the first line of the Gulf of Finland and the Duderhof Canal, which makes the Residential estate «Lights of the Gulf» the area of remarkably favorable ecological status: the sea air and the luxurious Southern Seaside Park laid out in the area of 58 hectares, make living there comfortable and environmentally healthy.

Living Quarter «Lights of the Gulf» represents a full-scale integrated area development project which also includes, despite residential buildings, also objects of social infrastructure: school, preschool educational facilities, shopping mall, post office, polyclinic, and shops.

In direct vicinity of the Residential estate «Lights of the Gulf», there are: State open-air worldwide-famous museum «Peterhof» with its palaces, fountains and parks in French style, Public Estate «Palace of Congresses» on the basis of the Konstantinovsky Palace which has been renovated in 2003, State open-air museum «Oranienbaum». In direct vicinity there are several faculties of St. Petersburg State University: Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Biology.

Location of the Residential estate «Lights of the Gulf» at the intersection of the Prospect of Heroes, Leninsky Prospect and Marshal Zakharov Street, is most favorable both for pedestrians and for drivers. The nearest metro station — «Leninsky Prospect» — is situated within 10-minute drive by public transport, with bus stops available directly in the estate’s area. The ring road exit is 7 km from there. For drivers’ convenience, parking lots are available in the houses.

Construction of the Residential estate «Lights of the Gulf» is divided into four stages. The first-stage buildings are being built along the Prospect of Heroes, the second — along Leninsky Prospect, the third — along the banks of the Duderhof Canal, and the fourth — near the Gulf of Finland.

The houses are being built on the basis of monolithic technology with hinged ventilated facades with mineral wool insulation and ceramic granite plate cladding, balconies glazing based on stained glass facades system. The buildings are equipped with Mitsubishi brand passenger and cargo elevators. For all the equipment and materials used in construction, the necessary licenses and certificates can be provided.

Residential estate «Lights of the Gulf» offers a variety of planning solutions: from studios to two-bedroom apartments that will allow each customer to acquire their best options, which corresponds to the slogan of the entire project: practicability in each meter. Apartments are commissioned fully furnished, thus providing the owners with comfortable accommodation from their first day in the premises.

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