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Residential Complex “Na Grebetskoy”

Residential complex «Na Grebetskoy» is located in Petrogradsky District at the address: Liter A, 16 Ulitsa Pionerskaya.

The building in the form of a square is delicately inscribed in the formed urban environment and at the same time represents an entirely modern and elegant solution.

Natural stone, plaster are used in the decoration of the facades. Pastel colors of the facade emphasize the nobility of lines and allow us to estimate the volume solution found by the architect. Fenced backyard area with a children’s playground, underground parking for 123 cars, own gas boiler are all the professionally developed details of the project. In Saint Petersburg, there is a conviction: elite means small. In our house, there are only 177 apartments.

The planned commissioning date is the 4th quarter of 2014.

Sales of apartments are maintained in accordance with 214-ФЗ.

Finishing in the common areas is done in the same style according to the developed design project with the use of sound materials produced in Europe. Color layout of each section depends on the color scheme of the facade of the section. The floors of the lobbies of lift halls, vestibules, inter apartment corridors are faced with ceramic tiles with non-slip surface.

Design project of common areas

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